Visiting Musicians

The talent that has graced our side of town

Past Participants of the West Texas Jazz Party

(1967 - 2024 by instrument)

Breakdown of the number of musicians attending the West Texas Jazz Parties across the years (1967 – 2024) by instrument (current total is ~ 208 musicians – if you don’t see one in the list on the page below, please speak up!)

This does not include the hundreds of other musicians who have visited as the guests of the Jazz Society to play at other events.

Bassists  31
Pianists  29
Saxophonists  29
Trombonists  22
Drummers  25
Guitarists  18

15   Trumpeters
16   Clarinetists
8    Vocalists
6    Cornetists
8    Vibraphonists
1    Violinist



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